About the Lancaster Contra Dance

What people are saying...

"The music is irresistible and often hypnotic. I love being compelled to smile." - Anonymous

                                     “I was thrilled to encounter a place where the whole community dancing together is more important than                                         any one person or any couple looking good.” - Greg Rohde

“Its’s amazing to have so much fun with people I have never met before.”  - Anonymous

Tips for First Timers
  • Contra dancing is vigorous, i.e. people often perspire! Some folks bring extra shirts for a quick change during the break.
  • Practice good dance hygiene. For example, wash your hands before dancing. Cough into your elbow if necessary. Please No Strong Scents
  • Contra dances can get crowded. Adjust the strength and speed of your movements to be safe and comfortable for your partners and yourself. If your partner doesn’t seems to know your comfort zone, tell him or her.
  • Its good to be on time in dancing. If someone with you gets off track, it may work better to skip one move in order to position yourself for the next.
  • Give ‘weight’ to fellow dancers – create a moderate tension on your arms by pulling away or leaning back. This helps propel you into the next move. Take care not to grip hands too tightly or twist your partner’s wrist.
  • Children are welcome; however, please keep your children who are not dancing off the dance floor for safety on all sides.
  • Do your part in volunteering. Bring a snack for intermission. Lend a hand to those who give their time to make your dances happen. At the end of the evening, help clean up, and put the hall in order for the next event.
  • To swing face each other, and walk around each other.  If using a “buzz” step, don't bob up and down, keep it smooth. 
  • Many experienced contra dancers improvise during a dance. We encourage artistic expression and experimentation, but keeping the rhythm of the dance is always more important the embellishments.


In the NEWS

Thanks to staff writer Cathy Molitoris of the Lancaster News Paper, our dance was featured by Lancaster Online.  
Check out the video and article here:

Join in the fun!
The Lancaster Contra dance is attended by people of all ages and dance abilities.  We hope you will come dance with us!
We come together every third Saturday (except in July) to bring more music, more dancing and more fun into the world 
for people young and old from near and far away.  Our dance has been going strong for over 20 years!

The Lancaster Contra Dance is not an organization, it is a cooperative effort by a dedicated group of volunteers.  
There is a small group of people who meet bi-monthly (over a potluck) to plan it all!
We welcome your help. Together we can keep the dance in motion!
 - We are currently seeking a webmaster, a sound tech apprentice, and a marketing enthusiast.

If you want to volunteer, reach out to us on the "Contact Us" tab of this website, and thank you!

Help to update the website!  Do you have a current picture or short video of the dance?
Send submissions via the "contact" tab. Thanks! 

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